2021 Pro Championship Accessories

This historic championship is unique for many reasons, one being it gives everyday club pros the chance to test their game against the world’s best players. Who are these club pros? They are often golf’s unsung heroes, giving lessons, checking players in for tee times and doing all the little things to help golfers find more joy in the game.


There are three of them from Team TaylorMade in the field this week, including Frank Bensel (Century Country Club, New York), Tyler Collet (John’s Island Club, Florida) and Joe Summerhays (Eagle Lake Golf Course, Utah).


The 2021 Pro Championship collection of accessories celebrates these stewards of the game, as well as the coastal region of South Carolina that host the second major of the year.


TM21 PGA Championship Accessories LFS JPO 09951
Staff Bag


The 2021 TaylorMade Pro Championship Staff Bag honors club pros with a bold “Team TaylorMade” logo on the bag strap. It’s a remember that the men and women who service the game at the grassroots level as well as Tour pros are valuable members of our Team. The bag’s blue color and wavey texture are inspired by the venue, which sits adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Golden accents are a nod to the region’s famed Carolina Gold BBQ. An outline of the state rest on the upper part of the bag and is segmented by regional BBQ influence.


TM21 PGA Championship Accessories LFS BMW 05387

When you’re in the South, the sweet tea just hits different. The regional favorite inspired this driver cover design, and if you ask the locals, the mason jar is required.


So, when Team TaylorMade removes the sweet tea driver cover, expect some sweet tee shots to follow.


Continuing to pay homage to the rich cuisine of South Carolina, the Pro Championship Fairway Headcover highlights the ingredients for Low Country Boil. The combination of seafood, potatoes, corn, and sausage makes for a mouth-watering dish best served atop newspaper, a detail captured by the interior print on the headcover.


TM21 PGA Championship Accessories LFS BMW 05233

The putter covers continue the sweet tea motif, with rich coloration and an expressive font that gives them a unique and memorable look.

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