Choosing the Right TP Hydro Blast Putter for You

As a putter family, TP Hydro Blast is all about crisp and clean aesthetics. The combination of flowing curvatures and sharp geometric edges deliver a cohesive artisan look to this precision milled collection. Each model shares the rich hydro blast finish that brings a flare of modernness to classically shaped putters.

The process behind the new finish serves as the inspiration for the line’s name. By applying a high-pressure stream of water to the 303 stainless steel, we were able to blast away any subtle imperfections and leave behind an ultra-clean surface that’s both durable and pleasing to the eye.

There are seven different models within the family – each intently designed to meet the needs of specific putting strokes and player types. Let’s break down each model to help you determine the best match for your game.

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Bandon 1 & Bandon 3

This Tour-inspired double-wing putter is offered with two different hosels, both leaning towards blade-like performance properties but in an easy-to-align mallet shape. The L-Neck version (Bandon 1) produces 29° of toe hang, better aligned with players who create moderate face rotation throughout the putting motion. While the short slant (Bandon 3) with its 32° of toe hang better fits players with a more aggressive face rotation. The double wing shape is designed to frame the ball at address and encourage forgiveness via optimized perimeter weighting.

Overall, Bandon 1 and Bandon 3 will fit nicely with the player who prefers the toe flow and face rotation of a blade but the look and forgiveness of a mallet.

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The Chaska design provides exceptional stability and simple alignment features with rounded contours, adjustable sole weights, and three forward sightlines. The structural stability combined with a single bend hosel creates a purely face-balanced putter – meaning there is less natural toe rotation. This makes the putter better suited for players who a more mechanical, with a straight-back-and-straight-through putting motion.

*We will not be bring the Chaska putter into South Africa

TM21 PTR TA329 TP Hydro Blast Del Monte LFS OSN 11092001438 v1
Del Monte 1 & Del Monte 7

This squatty blade design features a shorter overall blade length (compared to Soto) and a wider area from front to back. It is a time-honored shape that is meant to inspire confidence and produce exceptional feel putt after putt. The two different hosel options produce dramatically different performance properties. Del Monte 1, with its L-Neck hosel, has 29° of toe hang, making it better suited for players who have moderate face rotation during the putting stroke. On the other hand, Del Monte 7 is a face-balanced putter with a single bend hosel, which caters to players who have a straight-back-and-straight-through putting motion. For players who love the look of a compact blade shape, the decision comes down to understanding your putting style and stroke.

TM21 PTR TA330 TP Hydro Blast Du Page LFS OSN 11092001444 v1

As a modern take on the traditional mallet design, the DuPage relies on unique visual alignment cues and a dual-slot cavity to help frame the ball at address. The geometric design produces structural stability, and when combined with a single bend hosel, it creates a purely face-balanced putter. This makes it a putter better suited for players who tend to visualize straight lines when aiming and aligning putts while also having a straight-back-and-straight-through putting motion.

*We will not be bringing the new Dupage putter into South Africa

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Soto is the most classically performing blade in the entire family. It’s a clean build with a single sightline on the back cavity, a time-honored shape that appeals to the putting purists. An L-Neck hosel and traditional blade shape generate 40° of toe hang (the most in the TP Hydro Blast collection), delivering a putter that best fits players who create maximum face rotation throughout the putting motion.

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