Comparison | SIM2 Rescue vs. SIM2 Max Rescue

Comparison | SIM2 Rescue vs. SIM2 Max Rescue



The impact of the original SIM Max Rescue was felt at every level of the game, from the amateur ranks to the world’s best. Week in and week out, SIM Max Rescue was played on Tour with approximately a dozen of the breakthrough hybrids in play any given Sunday. It even accounted for wins with current World No. 1 Dustin Johnson winning the 2020 Travelers Championship in record-setting fashion with two SIM Max Rescues in his bag.


That PGA Tour pedigree fueled the development the next generation SIM2 and SIM2 Max Rescues, with both designs relying on from Tour-inspired features and shaping.


TM21 FAM SIM2 Rescue LYD OSN 05750 v1

The SIM2 Rescue has a fast and sleek appearance that seamlessly transitions from iron to metalwood. With a compact players shape, it’s designed to deliver added versatility for the golfer who wants an iron-like ball flight and workability with the forgiveness of a hybrid.


The SIM2 Max Rescue features an updated V Steel™ design. Beyond its primary function of improved turf interaction and delivering the versatility to play from any lie, the newly designed sole plate redistributes weight to enhance forgiveness and deliver optimal low CG properties. A depressed heel and toe minimize sole area, adding to the turf interaction and versatility benefits. Ultimately, it delivers the distance of a game improvement hybrid without sacrificing precision and control.


Both models feature an ultra-strong C300 steel face that delivers a powerful ball flight. Paired with Twist Face, the corrective face curvature that gives everyone straighter shots on mis-hits, golfers can expect better distance and accuracy.



  1. SIM2 Rescue is for the player who prefers an iron-like ball flight with a piercing trajectory and more workability. With sharp lines and a defined geometry, at address it frames the ball much like an iron/
  2. SIM2 Max Rescue offers a more traditional hybrid shape. With a design that places a premium on forgiveness, it’s ideal for the golfer seeking an easy-to-hit alternative to long irons.
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