First Look | All-new 2021 P•790 Irons from TaylorMade

Building a better iron. Plain and simple, that was the task at hand when we created the all-new 2021 P·790 irons. Game on. Okay, how do you begin to improve upon one of the most successful iron franchises in modern history? It starts with what’s on the inside.

P·790 is a forged hollow-body powerhouse built to deliver enhanced forgiveness with a flexy face. If you think of that design as the body of a speed-inducing sports car, then the all-new SpeedFoam™ Air is the engine. The ultralight urethane foam inside the iron head is 69% less dense than the prior gen. In a world where minor adjustments can lead to major results, the switch to SpeedFoam Air accounts for significant weight savings. The change allows for a substantial redistribution of mass to lower CG (center of gravity) placement and improve launch properties.

How’d we get here? Engineers recognized that if we were able to decrease the weight of the foam itself, then we could reposition mass in more beneficial places. Imagine it this way. SpeedFoam fills the entire cavity. It’s everywhere, including high in the clubhead. Any weight (no matter how small) that’s above center face will naturally bring the CG up higher. In irons, you want the CG lower than a Tiger Woods stinger. That’s the theory that drove us to discover SpeedFoam Air. Because it’s less dense, there’s less weight above center, and more positioned low (compared to the 2019 P·790) due to a heavier tungsten weight insert. It’s a design that helps obtain better launch and forgiveness properties.

There is also an ancillary benefit. The decreased foam density means there’s less resistance to face flex at impact. More flex, more ball speed, more distance. It’s a win-win scenario.

SpeedFoam Air is less dense than the prior gen, unlocking new levels of performance in ball speed, feel and launch.
SpeedFoam Air is less dense than the prior gen, unlocking new levels of performance in ball speed, feel and launch.

Following that search for better weight distribution, there’s also a brand new thin-wall construction on every P·790 iron. Specifically, the back half of the iron was made significantly thinner than the prior gen. When you combine those weight savings with the benefits of SpeedFoam Air – we’re talking a massive 17 grams of weight removed from the head and added to the tungsten weight insert.

Increasing the amount of tungsten inside the head lets us intelligently reposition the sweet spot on these beauties. Because our iron development team charted data from thousands upon thousands of golf shots and determined the most common impact points on the iron face, we knew precisely where to place tungsten in order to produce a sweet spot that’s better aligned with where golfers most frequently impact the face. The results? A measurable uptick in ball speed and distance compared to the prior generation.

When it comes to looks, expect to see plenty of drool-face emojis on The Gram. There’s a minimalistic design to the aesthetic of these irons, all while maintaining a strong sense of contemporary elegance. Symmetrical lines and traditional shaping create a look that’s cohesive with the full P·700 Series– making P·790 the ideal pairing for combo sets with P•770, P•7MC and even P•7MB in some cases (in that last instance, it’s for better players seeking a powerhouse long iron).

TM21 IRN TA214 P790 COMBOSETS LFS BMW 04486 v1

When we break it down, here are the key takeaways for the all-new P·790 irons.


• SpeedFoam Air and thin-wall construction drive performance
• The sweet spot has been intelligently repositioned to naturally capture more shots
• Minimalistic yet modern look for cohesive pairing with the full P·700 Series
• Redefining the irons that define the players distance iron category

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